Saturday, August 30, 2008

Catching up... Lessons

Boy! I need to stop dancing so much so I have time to write! The last two weeks found me in the dance studio every weeknight! So lets just hit the highlights, because I've got bigger studio news to write about.

Lessons with RT, well there have been four of them... Three absolutely fantastic Rhythm and Salsa filled lessons where I picked up some new elements (some easier than others) and started to feel really good about my dancing again. At one point I do believe there was something I did that was referred to by RT as "sexy". (something about my hip popping out just right when my feet were correctly aligned for a Cha Cha element.) I think he was momentarily confused about who he was working with... aside from the occasional "Rumba eyes" nothing in this life I do is sexy. Then there was the whole swivel discussion where I was asked why I don't like them, and I replied "Because there's like jiggling and stuff and it's SO not attractive!" Hey, he asked... I was going to answer.

His response was a very factual "Yes it is."

"Ha! I know where you're coming from on that...and trust me the right bits aren't jiggling!" Hey..that is better than turning bright red and becoming a silly giggling girl in the corner... which would have been me like a year ago... RT just rolled his eyes and left it at that...

Last lesson of the last two weeks involved some smooth... where I was informed that instead of closing my feet... I should think of it as closing my thighs for Waltz. Well that is absolutely nothing I ever thought of before... (go ahead try and think of bringing your feet to close, and think of closing your thighs instead... weird thought isn't it??) Then as we're Waltzing around the floor it went something like "One, Two, Three, Thigh." from RT the whole way around the floor...

I was good ya'll... I didn't crack up I swear... well for the first time around.. then he realized what he was saying...and started laughing a little...I held it together for a minute longer... and then announced. "Ok, I'm going to have to let that be funny now!" I broke frame and just started laughing! I made some remark about a chicken and then took up frame and let the funny pass...we had some serious Waltz to work on... my basic basic Waltz is so weak because we never do it... (My choice not RT's) I'll forever feel like a big clod hopping elephant trying to Waltz... it's not a comfortable place to be.

Made some GREAT progress on Salsa over the four lessons... Someday I'll be able to put that to some good use... in the meantime I'll just have fun with it.

That's the high points... All good stuff... new elements learned in at least 5 dances... which of course I'll write about in the future.

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