Sunday, October 19, 2008

All Around Update...

Ok.... WOW... As I sit at my keyboard there is SO much I want to write! However I do apologize as I'll have to start with a quick note about lessons... You'll get more soon!

Lessons are going pretty well... I've been concentrating a lot on Cha Cha with Largo. Of course we also cover Rumba and we usually get in an East Coast Swing too. RT and I have covered a LOT of Salsa lately, and we recently had almost an entire lesson devoted to West Coast Swing where I was informed to "show off my booty." I'm getting better in some areas and totally lagging in others. My Cha Cha is really strong, I think it's the work out class that's helping that along. My Rumba is having some really good moments, that can be followed by "Hey, Kat? Where are your hips?"

I'm really trying to work more into the floor as I've been told a million times and this is the main reason for those dances improving. However, I think it's ruining my East Coast. My whole bottom half just feels like it can't move that fast anymore... I don't know, it's something I'm working on. Oh lets see, Fox Trot is still my strongest smooth dance, I'm forever considering working on Tango... just haven't gotten up the nerve to commit to it yet. Although I've had a couple of really good Viennese Waltz moments so maybe I'll ask about that.

The best news, the very best news (I hope!!) is that I've been able to work out a plan to continue my dance lessons!! I'll be making payments for pretty much the rest of my life...but they are comfortable payments for me. So it should be ok. After a few months we'll start talking Routine as a portion of the lessons I have agreed to pay for are going towards an official routine. So onwards and upwards!

I'm finding a better balance of being always funny and taking my dancing seriously. I think it's working out. I'll be sure to keep you all updated with more things as I think of them.

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