Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Friday Party... Fall Colors

Last Friday there was another party at FADS BG. Per usual Jem and I were in attendance with about 38 other students. This party was the most fun I've had at a party in a LONG time! It was a slightly different crowd than the Halloween party. This crowd was all about the dancing... I danced more with more people than I have in a long time! It was FANTASTIC! Which is perfect because I'm just coming off a kind of rough period.
I have a student lead that seems to like to grab me for a Fox Trot... which is great! I'll dance the basic around the floor (plus anything else he learns) with him anytime! So we did that a couple of times, and I loved it.

I have to say that the highlights of the evening came in four dances... THREE...count them THREE Salsas! Woo hoo!!! The fourth was a mixed swing with RT. But Salsas first.... First salsa came on and I was certain I'd be sitting it out... which just breaks my heart... not because I'm so excellent at salsa...but because I love dancing it so much! Just as I thought I was going to be dancing in the corner by myself STP grabbed me and danced a fun salsa.... he somehow remembered about a step that I've worked on so hard with RT... I was shocked... then he moved into more Mambo kind of steps... it was the best Salsa I've danced with him. However, I've not been over a lot of the Mambo steps.... so I was just kind of trusting my fallowing skills. I thanked him at the end of the dance... hmmmm... maybe the picture a few posts ago isn't accurate... maybe I CAN trust him with my Salsa :-).

Next Salsa up was with Largo.... I haven't danced salsa with him in a LONG time... but I know through the rumor mills that he likes to go out salsa dancing... and I know that he knows about my love of Salsa from RT. It was so much fun! ALMOST...but not quite... as much fun as dancing with RT. I was just really going...and he was really having fun with it... which I've got to tell you is a HUGE part of dancing... I feed off the energy from my partner... and if they are having fun with it... than so am I! I'll have to start asking for Salsa as a part of my lessons with him.

Final Salsa of the evening was with RT. Wow he really had me going... we traveled around the floor more than I have in a long time... we did the step I've been working on... and I got a nod of approval.. even though I know it wasn't perfect. RT also had me spinning a TON... which I'm sorry even when I go too strong into it and nearly topple over at the end is just SO MUCH FUN! I actually realized what I like so much about spinning... it's one of the things I do best if I honestly clear my mind... anytime I've had the impressive spins my mind has been completely clear... which for a mind like mine, that typically races a million miles a minute...is a REAL treat!

The fourth dance that I had a BLAST with was a mixed swing with RT... it was actually before the Salsa...but it's mixed because RT for whatever reason likes to start and East Coast Swing and then will suddenly start a sugar push of a West Coast Swing and maybe after some West Coast will flip right back into East Coast. He's one of the only instructors I've ever known to do that. He involved a lot of leverage and as much spinning as the space would allow. I had a blast!

There were SO many other dances... I'd love to be able to tell you about them all but that would make this more of a novel... I can tell you that I've never laughed so hard during a Rumba as I did with CWS... and that my Waltz with TSD wasn't as bad as I thought it would have been.

Yep... that's a party done right... I hope everyone there had as much fun as I did!!

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