Monday, November 17, 2008

Sometimes I Forget....

....And then a friend posts old pictures on FaceBook!

Ok so it looks like I ate a watermelon or something!!! That shirt was tight too!!

These pics are from a dear friend's wedding in July of 2006. Literally 4 weeks into my dancing... I remember distinctly raving about this new dance thing, and telling a friend about how I'd already lost 12 pounds! (Why does it look like I was so big my friend had to climb on me to look like he was next to me!!)

I see current pics of me and I HATE them! Then I saw these pics on FaceBook tonight. I just blurted out "Oh...My...God!!!!"

I forget... I forget what I was before...and I focus only on what is now... and all the things that need to be improved on... This pic is staying right here on the blog... so I WON'T forget...

....Wow... I have a lot further to go.... But look how far I've come!!!

Look! I've always tucked my chin in in pictures... I HATE that...but LOOK!! This was October 2008. Same Chin position... MUCH LESS CHIN!!! :-) So much less everything else too... that dress is 8 sizes smaller than the shirt above... and that dress probably could have been a tad smaller. :-)

It's all because I wanted to be better at dancing...and losing weight was my most direct path to getting there... Now it's losing weight, and practicing that's going to get me there! Oh I'm really glad my friend put these pictures up.... what a wake up call!!!

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joel sprague said...

Impressive. :)