Saturday, November 8, 2008

Lesson This Week... Largo & I get to Dance!

Hi!! I've been on my once a week lessons for a few weeks now.. and I've felt disjointed. I work on one thing with one instructor..and another with the other... Partly because I haven't had as much time to practice in between I haven't felt like I've moved forward in any way. Which, I've got to tell you is a terrible feeling!

I started my lesson hoping desperately for something like what they call "rounds". Rounds are typically saved for competitive students. It's when you just drill several of the dances and steps that you know right before a comp. RT and I have done them on a few lessons...and sometimes it's just what I need. Just to have the opportunity to dance.... to actually DANCE with your professional. There is nothing like it in the world! Well we didn't start that way... but I was ready to ask for them.

We started with the typical "How are you?" kind of questions... I was honest with Largo... it was the night before I had some big personal business to attend to, and I wasn't feeling very optimistic... I told him... "Well, darling, to be honest I'm miserable."
"Oh, I'm sorry, *laughs* 'darling'... thank you!" Largo responds.
We opened with a we usually do... Considering I didn't even feel like dancing much (I had seriously considered canceling my lesson.) I followed pretty well... then Largo tried a new move... don't know what it was, but it involved some spins... and we kept trying it... but Largo kept knocking me in the head! We kept laughing... I kept telling him this shouldn't be an issue... then he had us stand next to each other... Now I always thought he was aprox my height... At least I never feel like I have to look down to him... However once actually paying attention to our height... I'm about 2.5 inches taller than him!! Oh well... The long and the short of it is... Not to long into my lesson I was VERY glad I had not decided to cancel! We joked and worked on Rumba, East Coast Swing, and Cha Cha... As close to "Rounds" as I could have asked for.


At one point I did become frustrated... we were working on a particular Cha Cha step that was giving me issues... and I was complaining about not being good enough. (I typically complain about not being good enough when I'm frustrated about not getting a step.) Largo was very sweet... We were working on a spin... and I was whining... (even I hate it when I whine.)

Largo simply stated "But you can spin."
"Yeah but I can't control it." I responded, frustrated.
"Yes, but you can spin... so many others can't." Largo stated.
" I should be happy that I can.. and just work on controlling it." I said.

Largo didn't say anything after that... but I did finish the next step on time. :-)

That made me feel better, I'm not going to lie. Someone with as much experience as Largo telling me that I can do something.... that's worth it's weight in gold.

I may have walked into that lesson feeling like crap... and the very idea of dancing felt like a foreign concept.... but by the time I walked out... I was on top of the world... I had the opportunity to dance, to spin, to work with a partner in a team effort, which is a real bright spot in a life that is very much a solo experience... THAT is priceless and THAT is another reason why I consistently show up for lessons.

I love dancing!


joel sprague said...

Sounds like a great lesson, esp considering your attitude at end of that post vs some of yours lately. :) GOod to hear.

Miss Kitty said...

Thanks!!! I'm glad I have good feelings and perspectives to write with again! :-)