Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Party @ FADS Buffalo Grove

Hi All! I've got to tell you about the Halloween Party! It was really fun this year! Staff Theme for costumes was Classic Cartoon Characters... We had characters from Scooby Doo, The Flintstones, and The Jetsons! I went as a Leopard... I always play up my name on Halloween and attend as some kind of cat. :-)

My dancing was mostly pretty terrible... I don't know if I was distracted by all the costumes, the black light or what. I did get a Rumba and a Foxtrot in with Largo (Bam Bam). RT (Freddie from Scooby Doo) picked me up for a Salsa, (which I screwed up on a step we've been working on FOREVER!!) and a really fun Cha Cha where he was just goofing off...but in a fun cute to follow way. CWS (Barney Rubble) grabbed me for a Rumba and remembered that I had the same costume last year...which is impressive...I however remembered that last year during Halloween was the first time I'd met him and we danced an East Coast Swing...which I guess impressed him.

I was also picked up by STP (Fred Flintstone) for a Hustle, FAF (Betty Rubble) got me for another Hustle (and insisted I pull off like 5 spins in a row!) Michael & Bonnie (of Bonnie's Belle Gowns) were there, Michael was kind enough to lead me through a Rumba and a Cha Cha. I got a Tango in with a new student lead (he was the Pilot) which was fine...and for once not a comedy routine! RT was passing us on the floor and commented on my hand placement... hey at least I had something right! The Hippie in the Military (hey...that's what he told me he was dressed as) got me for the strangest Meringue I've ever heard and then a fun East Coast Swing. I even got a Salsa in with TNT (Pebbles) which was very cute and fun.

As much as my Cha Cha with RT was one of my better dances for the evening... I have to say that my Foxtrot with TSD (Scooby Doo) was the highlight of my dancing.... First I was following really well...or he was leading pretty well...anyway... it was going good. TSD's sense of humor was cranked up full blast... he was growling and joking with just about everyone! We weren't really paying attention to Line of Dance, so we grapevined and snaked our way around the floor... then we got to the seating area near where Jem was sitting... TSD started to bend over me, so then I bent backwards... he kept going...making funny faces at Jem... so I kept bending... I'm relatively flexible and I felt pretty safe and on my own two feet for a second. Then I was bent over to the point where one of my feet was about to come off the floor... I had a really quick thought we keep bending/dipping... whatever you want to call it. Do I tap him?...Do I just tell him that I can't bend any further?Uh oh! If I go any further....*scream!* I screamed! I don't scream... it was even a girly shrieking kind of scream! TSD just totally started laughing and straightened us up again and we continued our Fox Trot... I was so surprised that I screamed! I do generally have a fear of falling... I'm always afraid that if I fall (because history tells me I'm not so graceful at it) I'll hurt myself or whomever I'm taking down with me! Oh well, must not have been that terrifying because I finished the rest of the dance just fine. Jem did have good fun pointing it out to me later though :-)

So it was a fun night...and for as crowded as it was I got the most dancing in I've done in a while... so that was good!

I also brought my Camera... so I can share some general pics with you... Enjoy!

When you own a Leopard Print isn't tough to use it as a costume!

And as part of the show for the evening... Largo & TNT did a fun swing to the theme from The Flintstones!

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