Thursday, September 27, 2007

Fall Colors Dance Party FRIDAY!

Ok gang… here’s a real opportunity to come in and check out what dancing at a studio is all about. Friday September 28th at 8pm is a social party (This week’s theme: Fall Colors). Students and guests come in and just have a plain old good time dancing everything from Waltz to Mambo. Then we all sit back and watch a few performance pieces… if you think watching Ballroom and Latin dancing is fun on TV…just WAIT ‘til you see it in person! I’m ALWAYS at these parties… ya’ll know who I am… come on in and introduce yourself… I’d LOVE to see you there! Cost is $25 and that comes with the opportunity to sign up for an introductory lesson at no additional cost.

I always describe these parties as “G-Rated but fun!” It’s the best no pressure dancing environment around… and an EXCELLENT way to find out what happens at a dance studio, you can also get the best feel for the variety of people that call Ballroom their hobby. If you have someone to dance with bring them… if not that’s ok (I don’t have that “built in partner” either) we have more than enough people you can dance with…

I understand, this is late notice… but if you can’t make this one… check out their schedule to find a party that you can attend.

I look forward to meeting you!

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