Friday, September 21, 2007

From the Bottom of my Heart... I Thank You

Please allow me to interrupt your regularly scheduled posting for an important message....

Wow, my dear, dear readers... THANK YOU! People have been coming out of the wood work and popping up in my e-mail, at the studio, in comments, and even at my place of employment, expressing how much they really enjoy this little journal.

This was created primarily so that I could help get the word out about how fantastic Ballroom/Latin dancing is from an average person's perspective, and as a way for me to hopefully keep dancing. It has grown so far beyond my wildest expectations... and I had to take a moment to publicly thank everyone for your outpouring of support. Keep the e-mails and comments coming! I want to hear from you!

Better yet... get to dancing already!

If you live around Chicago, come on over and meet some of the people that inspire me to keep dancing, and tell them I sent you!

If you don't live near me... get your butt to a dance floor near you and meet the inspiring people in your part of the world!

Above all... THANK YOU again... your kind words and comments mean more than you'll ever know.

1 comment:

sheila said...

Kat, I finally got here! Your blog is awesome, keep it up girl!!!!