Sunday, September 9, 2007

Old Habits Die Hard... Still Fighting to Break the Cycle

Fall is here… I hope this finds you all well, and hopefully dancing somewhere. Sorry I have been rather lax in my postings… that should be changing here very shortly. I had been doing so well with my “new” lifestyle as I have told you in previous posts. The last few weeks however have presented one heck of a challenge. As I had always feared I hit a bump in the road and that tipped me over upside down into a ditch. I remained in that ditch for a bit, not eating right, not really exercising outside of dance and just being bummed about everything in general. The part of all this that kills me is I KNOW that as soon as I start my workout routine again I’ll bounce right back, and yet in spite of all that knowledge I continued to slip into the old habits of sitting on my couch, not waking up early enough to work out, and generally becoming an excuse machine for everything. I couldn’t pull myself out of the funk, I even canceled one of my dance lessons because I was so bummed I just didn’t feel like going (which is completely unlike me.)

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketThen I chatted with a friend and fellow dance student, and explained my “crisis.” Let me tell you I have such wise friends, and they are always so good to me. Basically after the nearly two hour conversation over this and that, my dance craziness and hers, she pretty much talked me into attending my next lesson (which was in jeopardy of being canceled for the same reason). Thank goodness for that, because I went, and felt like an idiot for being there, I hadn’t practiced, the scale had not moved in a positive direction so I had no weight loss to report. I just didn’t feel like I could do whatever my instructor was about to ask of me. My instructor, after fast picking up on the fact that I was not my usual self, managed to work all my favorite dances into the lesson. Whether it was on purpose or not I’ll never know but that lesson was exactly what I needed to pull me out of this strange rut of old habits I had fallen back into. Once again proving that you just can’t be unhappy if you’re dancing. Now, with all the momentum that lesson provided for me… I have to get right back to the plan, I want my endorphins back, and get that scale back down to where it was when I fell off, and hopefully say goodbye to those nasty habits that I thought were long gone, maybe this was just their last rally before finally disappearing for good. I look forward to future lessons and posts with nothing but good things to report!

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I LOVE how you write!!!!!
All My Love, M.