Monday, September 1, 2008

Dance Party...

Ok... I'm almost done catching you all up! Goodness!!! We've had two dance parties at FADS BG since I last updated... but I'm really only going to write about the last one. I actually didn't get a whole ton of dancing in... some of my usual partners were Missing In Action and we had a guest studio in visiting so the floor was crowded, and due to the high concentration of new dancers, it's up to us more ahem..."experienced"... to make sure we cut a rug instead of the customary waiting to be asked.

So... A few good and entertaining things happened... One is that the blog has come back to bite me again. A pro I don't generally dance with asked me to the floor for a Tango... (as a side note, we did a very entertaining Cha Cha at the last party too...hopefully there is a trend developing here.) He actually mentioned that he had read about the last Tango I wrote about... Uh oh... So I reminded him...basic is all I've really got... but per usual I was lead into things... I have no idea... I was just hang'n on for the ride and trying to remember my hand placement(after being reminded), keeping my knees bent, and not gripping anything available for dear life. Tango, which you know, is very serious... well not when I do it.. it's really more like a Laurel and Hardy routine or something. This pro even started laughing when he looked over to see my face...which was contorted into some kind of look of confused horror I'm sure. Hey that's cool with me... you can't be in a bad mood and laugh at the same time!

Later it was Lady's Choice... so I ran for one of my most fun student leads... he's making some great progress in recent weeks! Although I think sometimes I entertain him a little too much while we're dancing. We were making our way around for a Fox Trot, and for whatever reason my right hand was being held WAY above my head. So I brought both of our hands down and told my lead that it wasn't necessary to keep our hands WAY up there! He made some joke about his instructor TNT (see workout post below for an introduction) always making a comment because she's so petite... and there I was making comments because I'm so tall. I just told him.. "Hey you know we women are never happy..why are you surprised? I mean you are driving and all, but hands that high isn't necessary." Just after that as we're both kind of laughing... my lead brings my elbow right into another gal's head! It wasn't hard thankfully...but it definitely would have shook her out of whatever she was doing. I turn to apologize, and my lead states over my shoulder. "No, I'm sorry... it's my fault... I'm driving!" The way he said it...was just about the funniest thing I ever heard in my dancing life!!

Oh, lets see... I got a swing in with one of the guys... it's absolute tradition that we swing when we're on the same FADS floor... sometimes we even get a Hustle in... I really like that I've been around enough to have little traditions like that. I got another swing in with RT, aside from that I walked some very new folks through some steps... all told until my SECOND Tango of the evening I'd only danced about 3 times.

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Yes, that's right... I had a SECOND Tango of the evening... it was the second Lady's Choice of the evening... I usually try and go for a fellow student because the pro's get snatched up so quickly. Oddly enough my student leads were all selected... and there was RT just about to resign himself to not being asked... so I grabbed him and said "Alright, you're with me." I then explained that I try to pick up a student for the ladies choice dances. (Although I'm starting to think that running after pros for dances may be the only way to get them as a lead anymore... I see a lot of the gals do it...but I figure... I don't want to dance with someone that doesn't want to dance with me.) At this point, I didn't know it was going to be a Tango... then the music started... I rolled my eyes... RT chuckled.. and away we went... Then... the host called for that one thing that always cracks me up... "Ladies Lead!" All I could think was Here we go again... last time with Jesse, now with RT... oh well... away we go!

Seriously... the fates are against me when it comes to Tango... but off we go... and it's going ok... well it's probably not... In the back of my mind I know RT isn't going to let me pull off the back leading trick I did with Jesse... but I asked him if he wanted to back lead anyway... "No, Come on Kat." replies a very serious RT... *Sigh*... he's gonna make me work... and it's gonna suck... he then tells me to do a Corte... I put up a fight...then just do something that may or may not have resembled the lead into a Corte... then the host called for us to do it... and we did it again... It was just terrible... I figure we didn't step on each other... even though I had to stop and start to try and keep the timing... my brain was shorting out...I couldn't do anything right... Trying to impress your own instructor is hard. Especially when you have no clue what you're doing.

Lastly I think I may have found a new student lead! I've been told he likes Salsa as much as I do... (a very good thing!) Tonight he grabbed me for a push pull Hustle right after the pro show... He's got some good basics for leading I tell you that... definitely looking forward to dancing with him at parties!

All in all I got 5 dances in... a VERY light dance night for me... but it was an unusual hopefully a trend isn't developing. Two of them were Tango's... Which absolutely count...even for as odd as my Tango's are... I think it may be some higher power telling me I need to learn Tango... ugh... we'll see what happens in the coming weeks.

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