Friday, September 5, 2008

To Routine or Not To Routine

So, I'm thinking of getting a routine choreographed with RT... I think it's about time... but I'm only going to get the one. I've wanted to do something that would take me back to my theatrical roots as I know them for a LONG time now... this is by no stretch a small thing for me... So I'm tossing a question out to you all about who I should have choreograph it. Please take a second this week and vote for me on what you think... (upper right hand corner of the page) You have until next Saturday. Your votes will be taken into heavy consideration as I make my final decisions about having this done!

Thank you!!!

Miss Kitty


Dzesika said...

If it's your first routine, I'd suggest having your regular instructor choreograph it, especially if it's for a solo instead of for heats. That way it's easier to make changes on the fly without having to consult the choreographer ...

We made this mistake by asking Eddie Simon to choreograph a beautiful routine ... but he's only in our part of the world every month or two. D'oh. :)

Miss Kitty said...

Good thoughts Dzesika! Definitely worth thinking about... Truth of the matter is the routine is just for a bit of fun... it won't make it past a party at the studio... and I know if I get one of the visiting pro's to do it, it won't end up being EXACTLY like the video tape...(they always end up being tweaked) but I have sentimental reasons for picking a few of those pros... and I haven't even asked RT if he'd do it yet.

It's all in the thinking stages... but anyone I've talked to seems to have an I'll let the readers have theirs too! :-)
Thanks for stopping by!