Monday, October 22, 2007

Friday Party The Re-Cap

Wow! Do I have a lot to write about tonight! Lets get started with the Friday Halloween Party!

This party was so much fun! For my costume, I can't pass up a play on the name... I went as a cat (leopard to be exact) I happen to own a leopard print dress and decided to use it as my primary accessory for my costume. Full make-up (photo's to come) and a faux diamond collar to boot... I love when I get to pull out my more theatrical skills!

Upon arrival the general consensus was that attendance may be a little low, perhaps due to the theme or the upcoming competition... We couldn't have been more wrong! Just after the party started and I noticed a general theme of "good guys" for the staff we had Batman, Cinderella, Snow White, Belle, Neo from Matrix, Spider-Man, and the like. Suddenly into the studio burst a group of people that were unrecognisable, until further inspection proved them to be the Staff and students from another local Fred Astaire studio. All dressed as villains... this was absolutely a surprise to us. Yeah! Finally enough instructors to go around and make everyone feel like a real dancer (dancing with and instructor/pro dancer for fun is some of the greatest confidence building dancing EVER)

So much fun... lots of lively music everyone in a good mood. I danced a makeshift Fox Trot with Neo and we were so busy talking about this and that, he wasn't paying attention to where we were going and I got backed into a few folks (sorry about that, I told him I couldn't see behind me). Later, Spider-Man took on the brave task of asking me to Tango and it turned into the fastest lesson in a new Tango step... I'm fairly certain I don't remember a thing about it. The Joker from the other studio took me around for a fun East Coast Swing, and the Riddler and I had a very entertaining Cha Cha (I did one of my best round-about crossover aka "spinney move" ever.)

One of the other students was there and at the last three parties we've been working on a two-step that I get a huge kick out of... it can be done during nearly any song that has an East Coast beat, only problem is East Coast is a rather stationary dance, and the two-step requires a line of dance or at least room to travel... on a crowded floor we got some dirty looks, but we didn't run into anyone so I don't see what the looks were for.

OH, and I had my first near wipe out! I feel SO bad!!! Another student asked me to dance and it was a push pull, which generally I'm very good at... this guy is a very good dancer and takes his craft very seriously... I wouldn't be surprised if he goes pro at some point... ANYWAY so we're marching our way thru the push pull and I'm lead into a step that requires two quick spins with both arms way above my head (and given my height, it's tough for most guys to reach up there) well, I'm just getting better at these double spins and I went a little out of control, I think I was a little too close to him, anyway I tripped...then he tripped and there was stumbling and the poor guy was trying to keep me from falling (which I always tell them NOT to do or I will bring them down with me...besides I could really hurt someone!) SOMEHOW we managed not to fall, and I apologized profusely knowing that this student was competing on Sunday, I would just DIE if he had pulled a muscle or something trying to keep me from kissing the floor. As any good lead he was a total gentleman about it... Sadly I don't think he'll be asking me to dance again... but then I don't really blame him.

A couple of songs later... all was forgotten (sometimes I get preoccupied with the possibility of hurting my dance partner because I'm too strong, too klutzy or whatever) and I bopped my way through a few more dances, promptly removed my makeup before exiting and went to meet with friends...

I love to go to the parties because it's a chance to dance with good dancers and some instructors that I normally just see around during my lesson, or in the case of this party some I hadn't seen since the other studio opened.

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