Sunday, October 7, 2007

No Time Line Possible for 100lbs

UGH!!! I knew I shouldn't have put a time line on myself! It only creates frustration, and magnifies every little tiny mistake I've made over the last few weeks.... 5 lbs to go... I'm at 95lbs down. Perfectly reasonable, I know that... and one of my primary excuses is that my schedule has become much more hectic in the last few weeks, (I'm only actually home after work MAYBE one day a week now...and generally out of the house for 14-17 hours Monday thru Friday) and it will continue to be that way for the foreseeable future.

So as my two week check in... I'm not there yet... but I will be soon... luckily I've been too busy and a little too stressed to freak out about losing 100lbs. I'm actually quite at peace with it... I just have to DO IT now!

On the extreme upside... I've been feeling exponentially stronger in the last few weeks. I don't know why exactly... I don't have a muscle toning regimen at home... but over the last two weeks or so I just feel like I'm getting so much stronger...especially in the arms and back. Maybe my frame is getting better in my dance lessons too... I'll have to ask. So, there is the slightest possibility that my slowed weight loss is due to some gain in muscle mass... which is ok with me..but I still want to see those numbers on the scale DROP!

I'll definitely let you all know when it happens... right after my world ends as I know it for dropping 100lbs I'll want to scream from the rooftops with glee!


Anonymous said...

You are motivational. Thank you Miss Kitty

M. said...

Hang in there - be patient - look how far you've come - Kudos to you!! Yeah!!! It will happen!! M.