Thursday, October 18, 2007

Now as seen on...

A special thanks out to one (or possibly more) of my regular readers in Massachusetts. For what appeared in my inbox a few days ago...the newsletter from Fred Astaire Dance Studios (FADS), and to my shock and amazement I received quite the pleasant honorable mention.

"One life at a time Kitty, a student at the Chicago North studio, opens up about her love of ballroom dance and how it’s helped her lose 100 pounds in just over a year. Click here to read more. "

Isn't that neat?

Thanks again! I hope to keep the dancing up and the weight down... Don't forget to comment on the FADS blog (link above.)

Don't forget readers... Party on Friday, Competition on Sunday(see below for details)... oh and I have a Lesson tonight with I'll touch base with you all later!

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Cate said...

Hi Miss Kitty ~ I just want to congratulate you on your achievement. I start ballroom a year ago today and have also lost a good amount of weight and had experiences I never thought I would. I've competed in regions here in Arizona !! I too dance with several instructors and each of them are awesome and contribute to making me a better dancer with each lesson. keep it up!!!