Wednesday, October 3, 2007

This Week's Lesson X 2- Hustle and It's All About the Box

Have we been over how much I love dancing? Just in case you never got the message... I LOVE DANCING!!! This week brought on a double lesson, which I really wish I could do more, but finances being what they are... I keep myself happy with one lesson at a time.

First lesson up... newer teacher again, where it was work on a Salsa Dancesport step I still don't think I have it down... maybe if I take the time to remember what it's called that would help, but when it's done I'll love having it as part of my Salsa repertoire. Then East Coast Swing...always in love with a swing! Especially this step that starts with my leader and I back to back for a triple step, then pivot forward for some swivels (not a big fan of swivels yet) and then a turn out, only to turn right back in again for a final triple step and rock step to finish the move. I could do that one for days I'm sure of it!

Once done we moved on to Cha Cha.. if there was ONE dance I wish I could do better this would be it... it always looks so cool... and it's loads of fun! We worked on some kind of crazy outside turn that I was having issues with, then once I nearly had it we reviewed the same step for Salsa and Rumba.
(brief pause for instructional information...)
Most of the elements across a style of dance, Latin/Rythm in this case, can be used in all the dances within that style... just change the tempo to suit. It makes learning those elements very useful! That was good... since I generally dance with my heart (I learn by the way things feel, and not how they look or where I should be placing my feet etc) it was good to have this once again pointed out to me so I remember it.
(...and we're back)

So I've got more info on that outside turn stuff... but after my last lesson, and the realization that both this instructor and I are fond of Hustle... off we went working on Hustle! This is the standard or regular Hustle, not the push pull type normally done at this it was a lot of what I know and understand about Hustle done in some hold patterns I don't normally associate with this dance. We worked on one I think he called it the "Shadow Position" or that's the way the step starts anyway... it was crazy! Open break, turn in and around so that as the follow I feel like I'm about to break his arm...then spin out and around and... *sigh*... yeah I didn't get that one as well as I would have liked... well I got the beginning... and I understood the end... I was getting lost somewhere in the middle... I'll have to pick it up again at some point. Good Lesson!

Next lesson... My usual instructor is back from the beyond... and to celebrate... technique work! (Ugh!) As a person that learns best by the way things feel, I get exceptionally frustrated with technique work... to the point where I'm positive I've pissed him off on more than one occaision... but on we trod... Rumba box again... you'd NEVER believe how much actually has to happen while doing that box... Hips have to rotate back and knees have to come forward..there's settling and toe pointing and not making steps that are too big... and it's not even in that order!

Seriously though... I know and fully understand that technique work is a necessary evil if I ever want to consider myself a good dancer... and I so appreciate that my instructor risks his getting frustrated and my getting angry over the little things... the Rumba box when done right and broken down to it's tiniest elements is actually a fairly decent core toning workout... next time I'll just have to suck it up and focus... I've spent way too much time and energy do get THAT frustrated... I'll let you know how it goes. Because I was so frustrated, we got to finish up with a little West Coast Swing... which I again got frustrated with because I hadn't worked on it in so long.... it will be better next time.

Once again... excellent lessons...loads of learning and I may be one tiny step closer to actually having some respectable Cuban motion...

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