Monday, March 21, 2011

I Get My Home Back When? Stress Causes me to Prepare Differently for This Coming Week.

Oh this past week hurt... it hurt a lot. It started out ok though with a pretty decent lesson and then went down hill from there. First the kittens got sick, so I ran them up to the vet... discovered their white blood cell count was high, so they were obviously fighting off something. Left with directions for liquid antibiotics and instructions to monitor their intake and output for the next several days. While working from home and watching their every move, work became rather hectic causing some additional hours to be devoted in that direction.

In the process of cleaning up litter boxes after incidents I dare not describe at 3 in the morning, which was after I'd already been working late and trying to get some kind of rest, I had heard from my landlord that my apt would be ready for April 1st.

I was elated by that news! I called my insurance agency to let them know, so they could extend my hotel reservation to the proper date. I was then told by my insurance company that the restoration company working on my apartment would be finished March 25th. Ok... Also a date I could work with...if I have the proper advanced knowledge. It would be a tight squeeze, but I could get the symphony of tasks that would need to be accomplished that Friday in place a week earlier than originally thought.

I called my Landlord again to let her know what the insurance was saying, Insurance telling me to plan a move for March 25th, Landlord telling me to find a couch to crash on for a week because it's completely up to her when I move in.... oh.. and the rent will be going up when my lease is up in June. (Can we just get me back into my home please first!!!)

This whole moving drama didn't end officially until Saturday when I once again called insurance and said "Ok, you ya'll are telling me that as of right now you can't extend my reservation, but my landlord is telling me it's not up to you when I can move back it's up to her... from my point of view as of this moment I'm looking at a possible 7 days of essential homelessness if there is a gap of time between the restoration company being finished and the landlord's inspections. 

With all of this news plus my furbabies being ill, plus work getting a bit hectic... I felt like I was right back at the week of the fire when I had to orchestrate everything as fast as possible to move forward. I usually thrive on a bit of stress, but THAT was ridiculous. I could feel that I was hanging on to sanity by a thread. Which also added the thoughts that this has got to be better, I have other plans in addition to all this... I sat and stared at this blog at 3am on 3 separate occasions, wanting to write but the energy and words just wouldn't make it to my fingertips.

So then this begs the question if I made it to the hotel gym... I did... not every day as I'd hoped due to some kitten (Salsa) letting me chase her around for a half hour each morning for her medication....(I'm not her favorite yet) that unexpected activity ate into my allotted gym time. BUT... I did make it three times for 30min brisk walk on the treadmill with a 5 min warm up. (35 min total).

It wasn't until Saturday that I was able to potentially settle, best as I could, my future living situation. The insurance company has assured me that if the inspections are not finished on my apartment they will not make me move out of the hotel with no place to go, so that was a huge load off my mind. I now have the date to plan.

As I put this past week and weekend to bed, I look forward to a fresh Monday and setting some new goals... I work better with goals, and with being honest about them. So here we go with this week's goals. Try as I might I am not the type that can just fly through life by the seat of my pants... well I can.. but I end up missing a whole lot. Not only that but the forseeable future is going to be a mad house, just as my living situation is set to calm down, the work situation will be steadily ramping up and somewhere in all of that I am fiercely hanging on to my personal life and making that an equal priority with everything else.

Goals for this week...
1- Get enough sleep 4-5 hours every single night isn't going to cut it.
2- Get one 40 min workout (this week including a warm up) in every day, not including the official dance lesson.
3- Make good food choices, I know how to do this and haven't I'm taking it one meal at a time.
4- Begin to build a more concrete schedule so Time Management is easier. My greatest weakness right now is my lack of time management I need to hone those skills.

4 Solid goals to start, it's going to be hour by hour this week. I have to get it together and this is the best way to start. So here's my question for you, dear readers, what goals do you set for yourselves and what do you do/how do you feel when you've met them? What about when you aren't able to meet them?

Anyone want to take the over under on how my week goes? How many of you think I'll actually make all 4 goals? Well you'll see how we go as the week progresses....

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Anonymous said...

I really hope your week is better.


Miss Kitty said...

Thanks so much Endearing!! I really appreciate it! :-)