Thursday, March 10, 2011

The New Kids... Blog Mascots??

With the passing of Sheri and Wyo back in December, I had written about Second Chance Pet Adoptions and their kindness in helping me provide a home for new kids (read: cats/kittens). I am VERY pleased to announce that I now have three fur ball children to call my very own.

They were Born on December 17th, a mere 4 days after the fire that took Sheri and Wyo, and they are from the same litter.

Instead of the two I had anticipated getting, I have THREE! I couldn't leave just one baby behind!

I present to you, very proudly, Salsa, Tango, and Cha Cha!

L to R Salsa (f), Cha Cha (f), Tango (m)
They are just over 9 weeks old in that picture, that was the first morning they discovered they could jump on the furniture.

Why the names? Funny you ask! I have never had a pet that had a "human" name.... my last pets were named for the city and state I was born in, these pets are named after a dance style that I love. I picked Salsa, because it's my favorite dance and it's cute for a girl, Cha Cha because it was another dance that made a good little girl name, and Tango because I needed a boy's name to go along with the girls AND as a small homage to my employer that runs Petango an adoptable pet search engine. My employer and co-workers were amazing in reacting about the fire.

This blog has never, and will never be about my pets, but since you all have been with me through it all and have supported me through everything I thought I'd at least introduce you.

It won't be long before I'm tripping over them in the kitchen trying to perfect my spiral turns again.  :-)

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