Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Small Triumphs, Big Frustrations

So today was a bit of a mix... Work went reasonably well even though it was wicked busy, in the middle of the busy I found out that even my insurance company thinks my landlord is a piece of work, seriously that's what my rep said "Wow, I thought you were exaggerating about her, she is a piece of work!"

Here's the kicker... The whole reason all of this started? Simply because I wanted to make sure that all the people who had to make the final determination on when I'm moving back were on the same page. I've decided that my landlord is simply not human and thinks of her tenants as nothing more than cattle with big dollar signs on our foreheads. So, truly wonderful neighbors or not, I'm pretty sure I can't possibly work with someone like this. All I want is my home back, and I've dotted every "i" crossed every "t" that's been asked of me and it's still not enough? Maybe owning my own place but being broke is better than renting from a tyrant and having a savings account.

I came back to my hotel after work, got the work out in that I said I would! Made me feel a million times better! Then set to work about getting everything together, because now I once again don't know if I'm moving Friday or next Friday. Which puts a big pressure over my whole life.

In other news... I made more progress in the healthy eating... I ate well.. for the one meal I had a chance to eat... *sigh*

Ah well... tomorrow is another day and I'm going to bed early so that I can tackle the day as it should be tackled.

OH! I added a goal for this week... I must practice one technique element a day for at least 10 minutes straight, I think this will mostly be accomplished through Rumba technique, but it has to be done. It's probably going to be a while before I can get into the studio for more than just my one lesson.

I'll take a day with small triumphs over none at all any day in hindsight.... on to the next day and work on improvements on what I started today.

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